So I made this video a while back using a really nice chord progression that I came with up with. The cool thing about it, to me, is that The chords that I use use a few different colorful extensions, and  some of the chords change on "beat 4" instead of measure 1 of the next bar, adding a very cool, and interesting feel for the listener.


The chord progression started as simple as this :

| G maj | A7 | B min | D/F# :|


I then started messing around with various extensions for each of the chords that I thought sounded fitting, and eventually came up with the following :


| Gmaj7add9 | A7add11 | B min | D/F# :|


After some brainstorming and some jamming, I added some licks as well as a cool bit of modal Interchange at the end of the progression going from the B min to B maj. I also added some "off" sounding timing with the chords by putting some of the chord changes on beat 4.

The final progression looks something like this

| Gmaj7add9 / / A7add11 | / / / /  | B min / / D/F# | / / / / | Gmaj7add9 / / A7add11 | / / / / | Bmin / / Bmaj | / / / / : |


as far as the leads are concerned, I primarily stayed inside the D major scale, however i through in the relative minor "B minor pentatonic blues scale",

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