AJ Hirsch is an Atlanta-area Guitarist and Pianist. Originally from Columbus, GA, he is the product of a very musical family, his father and older brother are both accomplished musicians. AJ began his musical journey at 8 years old. From that early age, his musical heroes read like a classic list of guitar icons. Bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, and solo artists like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, provided him with the inspiration that he needed to begin a life-long love of guitar. He soon began learning challenging classic rock songs note-for-note and he spent the next several years developing his technique, studying music theory, and mastering the instrument.


Over the next few years, AJ found himself performing with local rock, metal, and pop bands all over Columbus, GA. These experiences offered him valuable, practical skills as a working musician that he has taken with him to this day.


It was during his early teenage years that AJ’s interest in the harmonic sophistication of the piano began. Due to his years of intense musical study and theory knowledge, he progressed quickly on the piano and soon started playing both guitar and piano with various local bands. After graduating high school in 2012, he started teaching guitar and piano lessons at the local guitar store where he had taken lessons just 4 years prior.


In 2014, AJ graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Music with honors and has since been teaching in Atlanta and Columbus and performing up and down the east coast. In 2016, he released an instrumental rock album titled, “Lost in a Moment” which can be found on iTunes and Spotify. Now, AJ is ready to continue his career as a freelance performer and session guitarist, while simultaneously helping the next generation of guitarists and pianists make their musical dreams a reality.